Over the last few weeks I went for a stickybeak at all the tracks in the area. Drag racing's all the go round here. A lot of the Noordu locals are mad keen on street drags, and they're always up for a run against a new comer.

If you're looking to become a pro though, Gutta's the place to go.

The two fastest tracks in the area, in the same place. No speed limits. Choose from doing the loop on the oval or challenging someone to a drag. Both track surfaces are specialised racing tarmac with some serious grip. It's not unheard of to hit speeds of over 260kph here.

Popular among the locals. You can make easy money in just seconds... without wrecking your car… if you’re lucky. You can race for money; or pink slips, if you're game, but you'll be looking for a new ride if you lose.

If you're just finding your feet, this is the best place to learn. Build your ride, try it out, and get the best time you can. But don’t forget to check your tyres before the race. If you can get your hooks into some actual drag tyres for your car, you'll feel the difference.

The tri-oval track's an awesome place to take your car, wind her out, and see what times you can pull off. 260kph is easily reachable on this track, if you've got the right ride, so records here are hard to break. If you're up for a race, keep in mind, it'll be against real Revheads! Shift down into corners, and back up again, out... don't hit the picks, or you'll be stuffed!