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Update #39 brings some modifications and new free content in the game as supporting our new Night Vision DLC.

As always, we give aways some content for free in the main game. This time you can win or found in newspaper some of the Night Vision DLC contents. While you would need to buy the DLC to unlock all the features, this update brings some of the content for your for free.

We have fixed several bugs, updated our translations, modified environment lights at night as well as tweaked our headlights for better performance. Also, added some new limited night races, which has time limits to enter.

  • Support for Night Vision DLC
  • Added some free content from Night Vision DLC
  • Tweaked environment lighting for nights
  • Updated road materials for better lighting effects at night
  • Added new Night Races
  • Limits of taking petrols moved down from 1000 to 50 for Gas Guzzler Achievement (so you can unlock in one lifetime)
  • Show times in Race Lobby
  • Bug fixes

22 Marc, 2023

We are starting this year with a new update to improve underground racing. The last update introduced a new Airport, while it was "empty", without any racing. Now we have brought night races in the airfield, in a bit of a special way. it is only available at night with some party feeling.

The airport works as an airport at daytime, but at night it will be a location for drag race.

We hope this little update will make the game more enjoyable, especially for those who likes underground drag racing.

Also, we have added support of Steam Deck.

  • Added new race location to the Airport (only open at late night)
  • Added some new brand limited race for night race at Airport
  • Fixed some AI related braking issue at drag races
  • Fixed duplicated controller issues
  • Fixed some localizations
  • Game now supports Steam Deck

A long time waited wishes is Achievement. Xmas just passed, New Year is almost here, so what better time to give you this new feature!

Achievements are now available for all Revheads!

Since the game is out since years, not all achievements can be automated. If you've played the game already, some of them will be added automatically after loading your profile. Those which had no information in your game save will need some actions to activate. i.e. if you already have all gold medals you will automatically get the awards, however the "First Car" award will come only when you buy a car, even if you did it already.

We wish you a Merry Xmas and also 30% discount during Winter Sale!

  • Added 39 Achievements
  • Added Polish localization
  • Added music to Intro
  • Fixed showing start balance on profile page (Easy:$100K, Med:$10K, Hard:$100)
  • Stability fixes


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About the game

Revhead is a car racing simulation game, where you have to build your own race car. You have a friend Charlie, who is busy with building race cars. He would need some help from you and he invites you to Australia. You start your journey somewhere in a small town in Australia, where the only way to get recognised if you are able to build the fastest and best racing car around. You have Charlie, his expertise and his garage. The rest is up to you!

Key Features

  • 10 Cars with more than 500 components

  • Real time Dirt and Rust

  • Paint your body, add Stripes, Wash or Repaint your car to any colour you mix

  • Component based modular vehicle physics

  • Build your own car and turn your garage to a Racing workshop

  • 5 Tracks with unique locations race on oval circuit, drag track or in the Outback.

  • Find and Challenge others on the streets

  • More than 70 Race Events

  • Buy, Sell, Win and Rebuild Cars

  • Be a Mechanic or Racer or Dealer

You have to think as a real Revhead! You can buy or sell cars and components, fix and tweak your car to make it the fastest around. However, a good race car is not always about the fastest or strongest, but the one which matching with it’s driver. Set your car the way it fits for your driving skills and racing conditions.

Car components

Revhead is about to build and race with your dream car and while all of your racing skills will be required to beat others on a track, you also have to master mechanical skills to be able to fix, maintain or re-build your car. A real car is built up from thousands of components. Each connected to each-others and they are working together as a car. In this game, every car is built up from dozens of individual components, connected to each-other the same way as in reality. Each component can be removed, replaced and swapped between other cars. This way, you can not only customise your paint work and outlook, but the handling and performance of the car as well.

Understand your car!

Watch your car when driving, how is it handling, how smoky is it or what noise coming from the hood. All these can help you to identify the real problem.
You need a 4x4 but you don’t have the budget? Buy a wreck cheap car and transfer it to a 4x4 supercharged racing beast, using wrecked cars and used components from the newspaper.
You engine is strong, but your car don’t reach the speed you need? Make sure your gears and differential also matching with your goals!

Racing and what is behind it

In the reality, racing is about 80% mechanical work, 19% testing and 1% racing. In this game, we try to get closer to this, while we still wanted to keep the fun. If you like cars, if you do understand that a car is not only about 4 wheels, 1 motor and a steering wheel, if you don’t afraid of mistakes, if you dare to challenge others, even when you are with your most loved car, then Welcome in Noordu, the land of Revheads!


In the middle of the summer holiday you get a postcard from uncle Charlie. He just moved to a small village Noordu, somewhere in Australia. Charlie was one of the most famous racer around Australia, he earned the Revhead title more times then anyone else. Later, he worked for the best race garages as the best mechanic and instructor. Today, Charlie opened his garage and his own race track nicked as the “Backyard”. He knows you love cars and he could use some help to get the business up and running. He invites you to Australia to check his new place and help him out. You can help Charlie with fixing cars in his garage or help to promote his new track and get your race carrier starting. You don’t have much money, so you need to be creative if you want to stay longer.

While Charlie can help you with some work in his garage, you can find cars and parts in local newspapers, use Charlie’s garage to fix or tune any of your cars. Soon, you find yourself between local racers, challenge them and win their money or rides. You realize that you can make not only good money, but you can be a part of something special.
Something, that is not exist anywhere else!

You learn more and more about cars and enjoy the world of real revheads! Be the best and earn the title of Revhead!

Revhead - Trailer - Youtube
Revhead - In-Game Tutorial - Youtube
Revhead - Job - Youtube

Supported Languages

English German French Spanish Brazilian Portuguese Danish Dutch Turkish Czech Russian Ukrainian Hungarian Romanian

Have Fun and Enjoy driving!

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