It's been flat chat around here for the past few weeks, but the garage is finally finished.

It was really quiet here when I first arrived, quieter than I expected, so I cleared and graded a small race track in the backyard to have some fun. A few days later a bunch of locals were already racing here. Most of the cars were bombs, so I gave them a few tips and a bit of a hand doing them up. They're already pushing me to open the track to the public and build some cars to have a run on it. It seems they have the dosh, but don’t know much about building race cars. A track like this might just come in handy for doing some testing and practice runs.

I tell you what, though, I could use some help around here. I've invited my nephew to come give me a hand. I'll be stoked to see him, it's been donkey's since we were last in the same place at the same time. He used to be an absolute petrolhead. With his help I'm sure we could build some beaut cars here.

Fingers crossed he'll get back to me soon.