I'm Charlie.

As a kid I spent all my time around cars, learning as much as I could about them. Later on I did my trade as a mechanic and really started getting my hands dirty, pulling down and rebuilding cars and engines. After that I started race driving. Just for myself at local speedways to start with, but then went on to driving for race teams on bigger tracks at bigger race meets. After I stopped driving I kept working for all the best teams as a mechanic. All the Revheads around Oz know me by my rep.

I'd done everything I'd ever dreamed of, except one thing, so I decided to retire and settle down. Now I'm going to open my own Mechanic's in Noordu. I’m just moving in. Life is really quiet here, well except the racing. Occasionally I'll fix a few cars, go watch a race, and maybe sometimes I'll go out for a race too.

My mates keep calling me. They reckon I'll chuck it in and head back to the big smoke to get back into the excitement of racing again.

That's why I started this diary. To keep them up to date with just how ‘dull’ life can be around here...