12 Marc, 2024

Miduga Contest 1

Dear Revheads!

We are celebrating our 7th birthday during the whole of March!

As part of this celebration, we are organizing community contests, where our players can challenge each other in a single-player environment.

As a birthday special release, we have added a brand new car! Based on Japanese Classics, with the tweak of Revhead, Miduga has been born! The new car comes with new contests! We are organizing 4 contests each week. Each contest will last for 7 days. The rules will be the same with the difference being the track where they are hosted on!


  • Miduga only you are only allowed to use Miduga's and Generic's parts
  • Rotary 400hp you can use all the cars in which you can fit a Rotary and can modify them as you desire, as long as it doesn't exceed 400 Horsepower!!

🥇 Winners!

The best lap times of each Contest win! The top 10 positions will receive a score. The 1st will receive 10 points, the 10th will receive 1 point. There will be an ultimate winner announced at the end of all contests. The one who made up most of the scores will win our ultimate Prize!

💬 How to participate?

Send a screenshot of your best time from the race lobby to our Discord server or by email to support@revhead.com

Each contest will take 1 week long! Make sure you send your results before it's deadline!

  • The first started today 14th of March Thursday and will end on the 20th of March, Wednesday.
  • The second will start on the 21st and end on the 27th.
  • The last one will start on the 28th and end on the 4th of April.