During this month, we are celebrating our 7th Birthday with new content and new contests!


Bringing a new import car into our game with a high rpm rotary 2 engine gives a fresh breath to those who love to tinker around or just like something new! Based on a legendary classic, a sporty car with a pop-up headlight and a rotary engine makes this new car stand out from the rest. Easy to drive, fun to race!

As a new brand, over 100 new parts are added, which gives you new possibilities, even when you want to upgrade your existing cars.

We are introducing a new section in the newspaper: Pro Hints. A help from local revheads, they share the most important setups of their beloved beast. Starting with the first three revheads you have to challenge, so you can check their specs before putting your car on the line!

During this month, we are going to celebrate our birthday with special events, with more content to come, and most importantly, with more races to win!

Stay tuned!

  • A new brand "Miduga" has been added, with standard and SE parts
  • New car Miduga, with a standard, a turbo and a twin-turbo factory setup
  • New engine type: Rotary
  • EUROA tunned version of the stock Rotary
  • 107 new parts! Yeah, that's how much a new brand brings in the game!
  • Extra manifolds for compatibility of Rotary for Walea, Kanji, Panania
  • New tires and rims
  • Updated newspaper with some Revhead's car info
  • Updated newspaper community page
  • Updated credit including our new translators
  • Common bugfixes