We have made a new special event available for you as part of our Economy Fest!

In this new event, you have to race with a car under a given budget. This is a special event, where there is no entry fee, no money to win in the game and your car also won't get any racing point! However, if you participate in our contest you can win some cool prizes from us!

Where can I find these events?

We have added Budget Run into 3 races:

  • Backyard
  • Gutta Oval
  • Gutta Drag

How to participate?

You can always see your best time in the race lobby, you can send a screenshot from the Race Lobby:

  • We are managing the contest under our game server at Discord. Post your results with the screenshot under the contest channel!
  • Make sure you send your fastest time!
  • The winner is the one with the fastest time!

Alternatively - if you don't want to use discord:

  • STEAM users can post a screenshot in Steam (While running the game, use F12 to create screenshot, then use Shift+Tab to select and upload the image)
  • Xbox users can send by email to support@revhead.com