24 Dec, 2019

Turbo upgrades for L4 and L6 engines

It's XMas, so what would be better time than now to give you one of the most wanted - if not The Most Wanted -, feature of this year: TURBOS!

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We are introducing the first batch of turbos with this update, designed for linear engines. We have noticed, that our low end L4 and L6 engines are quickly get replaced, since not much racing setup available for it. No twin exhausts, no superchargers, which made them less interesting in racing. We aimed with this update to fix this problem and give a new life for all Linear engines, make them competitive in racing as well.

The current update contains turbos and manifolds with turbo extensions and boost gauges for only those brands and cars, which have linear engines: Walea, Wanja, Camira, Kanji and Panania. You can mix any turbos with any engines, however keep it in mind those are all designed for a specific engine and rpm / cfm range, so they will might work amazing or not that good at all. Just use a manifold with turbo extension to mount any of the turbo.

When you try to find a turbo, check it's CFM (cubic-inch per minute), which describes how much air it can blow. Compare it with the engine or carb CFM to get an idea how much boost it could generate. Higher the number, stronger the turbo and will generate higher boost. How much exactly is depends on the engine and carb you are using it with. If you want to see the boost pressure generated by a turbo or supercharger, you can now install Boost Gauges into your dashboard. Higher number also means the turbo needs more air from the engine, therefore small engines with lower cfm with too strong turbos could cause unwanted power lost and might never be able to charge the turbo or could halt the engine.

You can find and buy turbos in each shops under Boosters for the corresponding brands or in the newspaper under the motor. Don't forget to buy a proper manifold with turbo extension as well!

We have also tweaked some component's degradation level including the engine. More performance upgrade installed on an engine will cause quicker degradation because of the harsh use. So it is even more important how much you push your ride, gentle drive will cause less over boost and less damage. If you are upgrading a stock 120 hp SL4 with turbos and Euroa racing parts, you will get a cheap racing engine close to 400 hp, but it will need a lot more maintenance to keep it running.

We really hope you will love this update just as much we and our testers did!

Date: 24-12-2019
Version: 1.3.6185

If you are interested to know more details, check out our change list below.

  • Added 10 turbos, 1 small and 1 big for Walea, Wanja, Camira, Kanji and Panania brands
  • Added L4 and L6 manifolds with turbo extensions
  • Added 5 Boost Gauges for each car's with turbos
  • Some NPC now has turbo as well.
  • Improved Superchargers with different rpm range and motor load. The big one can halt a small engine at low rpm, but can boost up to 6K rpm, while the small is good for smaller engines or lower rpm (around the starting range of a turbo).
  • tweaked wear out of several components, high tuned engines will worn out quicker
  • Updated Localization
  • Bugfix: H-Shifter Neutral position was not working properly with several Steering wheel
  • Few small fixes

We wish Merry XMas and Happy Holidays for all of Revheads out there!