Update #40 breaths new life to the sounds you hear in the game. From the engines to noise of the wind crashing againts your windshield everything is changed for better immersions. The change of the sense of speed while throwing around your car on the various tracks is immense, makes you feel like you are really there chasing the perfect laptime. Backing up into your driveway also feels different, the whine of the straight cut gears going reverse is also there. Now the neighbours will hear you cold starting your Buthangbang Special, from the American V8s and the Italian of the Magura, to the Japanese engines of the Panania and Kanji everything got a new and more fitting tone.

Not only we updated the sounds and background noises of the game, we also continued our quest of bettering the performance and fixing bugs for a smoother gameplay.

  • brand new unique and much more detailed sounds for each engines
  • fixed visibility of trees and trackside objects on Yanagin map
  • fixed external camera views (to eliminate bouncing) and better transition
  • removed unused RaceMusic slider in settings
  • shorter car loading times
  • significant memory usage optimization
  • fixed notepad when trying to install subpart on component selected from a category filtered list
  • fixed look back camera switch
  • better UI response time in race lobby after selecting a card
  • fixed restoration start on cars without chassis damage
  • fixed UI focus horizontal position in garage when moving between bottom and top menus
  • larger newspaper ad and font sizes for better readability
  • updated localizations
  • small fixes