It's time again for an update! This time we were focusing on car handling, controllers and physics, while we've also moved forward with adding new beds for another UTE, Wanja!


It's been a long ride since we've started and finally now we can enjoy driving as we've designed years ago! We have updated our tire models and fixed some "outdated" code. As a result the game has much better controls, even on keyboard! From now on, controlled drifting is not only a wish, but reality!

New tire gauges

We have noticed during beta testing, that many of our users did not understand tire's heat factors, simply because you cannot see it. You have to be a real racer to understand and feel what is going on without any help, so we decided to add tire gauges. These new gauges helps to show each tire's operating temperatures and you can get them in multiple format for small gauges to built into tachometer as well. We want to keep it simple and keep the "era" of the game, so don't expect digital temperatures or pressures, instead some leds to show the temperature level of each tires.

Wanja has removable bed

Our plan is to make most of the UTE's bed removable, this time we have added this feature to Wanja UTE.

Date: 13-11-2020
Version: 1.4.7382

List of changes:

  • Improved car handling, better controller support
  • Improved tire model, better weight delivery, tires with more load has more traction and more wear
  • Added High angle 45deg steering to support drifting (EUROA)
  • Added tire gauges to help understand when tires are overheated or under-heated (EUROA)
  • Added support for 21:9 resolutions
  • Walea and Jingu rectangle instruments background has been replaced to accommodate rounded instruments as well
  • Fixed camber / caster calculation
  • Fixed some audio glitch on scene load and
  • Fixed clutch issues using H-Shifter vs restart race or new scene load
  • Fixed H-Shifter vs stage pipe issues, when car halted at start of race
  • Fixed restart of race, which now reset time, reset all components, including tire pressures, temp, etc.
  • Fixed skid-marks zfight
  • Fixed disappearing cargo box on scene load
  • Fixed Narnoo hub vs brake selection during garage work
  • Fixed Zfight on Narnoo's frame
  • Localization update
  • Several smaller bugfixes