18 Feb, 2020

New year, new update! We have improved our physics, added a new feature for those who love to spend their time to restore wrecks and used cars and we have interior for Panania.


As we continue on adding interior to each cars, next on our list was the famous Panania. It is one of the favourites of many of yours, so we decided to make it.


We have fixed many issues and tweaked our simulation for better control and more realistic behaviours. Previously we had issues with some setup, where RPM could rise or drop way to quickly. It had many other side effects to driving since your wheel was spin or almost stop within less than a moment. Not anymore! All car's and setups work as we designed, no more rpm jumps and strange behaviour during drift, burnouts or just try that big oval with high speed following the top line all the way. All these, which we could not do properly before are working now. We also found a serious bug in the suspension, which caused many side effects, including frame drops and other nasty issues. Fixed!


We have a new feature, restoration! While you could already buy a wreck and fix it, you could not make much profit on it. It was simply better to just salvage and fix parts, then sell them apart. While previously a full restoration from a $2000 wreck would cost you $3000 and the profit after making it perfect would be negative or just around the cost (ie. Walea), now fixing a wreck could cost you a lot, in this example $7000. If you don't have the money you can do what you did before, but if you have the money and you fix the car (body), then you start a restoration on that car. The restoration goes until you either sell the car or check the price. If the car is "restored" the price will be restored to a brand new car, if you do a perfect work, you get some extra too. It is up to you to fully restore a car or not, but you will get much more money if you do, in our example with the Walea wreck, you can make +10K profit, but using a Magura you can make 30K or using a race / expensive car even more. As bad the wreck, more time needed more cost with bigger profit at the end. (if you finish it well) We hope this will help for all of those who reported the lack of profit when you try your best to do a full restoration.

Date: 15-02-2020
Version: 1.3.6273

  • Added Panania Interior
  • Added car restoration, when you want to fix cars in very bad state. The first bodywork will cost more, but you can build a new car, worth much more than before.
  • Physic improvements, much better control over your car and engines
  • Fixed suspension
  • Fixed rev-limiter, better and easier and more realistic driving, burnouts and drifts
  • Slightly tweaked several turbos and superchargers for more realistic effects
  • Added auto-idle to keep each engine rpm in idle. Due to the more realistic physics and more detailed engine internal simulation, idle could drop or rise a lot with superchargers or turbos or other performance upgrades. Auto idle will keep it around the right level.
  • Performance and stability fixes
  • Localization updates
  • Many small fixes

Patch 1

Date: 20-02-2020
Version: 1.3.6278

  • Fixed the issue where the tires purchased in the shop went off after being fitted