A long time waited wishes is Achievement. Xmas just passed, New Year is almost here, so what better time to give you this new feature!

Achievements are now available for all Revheads!

Since the game is out since years, not all achievements can be automated. If you've played the game already, some of them will be added automatically after loading your profile. Those which had no information in your game save will need some actions to activate. i.e. if you already have all gold medals you will automatically get the awards, however the "First Car" award will come only when you buy a car, even if you did it already.

We wish you a Merry Xmas and also 30% discount during Winter Sale!

  • Added 39 Achievements
  • Added Polish localization
  • Added music to Intro
  • Fixed showing start balance on profile page (Easy:$100K, Med:$10K, Hard:$100)
  • Stability fixes


Patch 1

Date: 05-01-2023
Version: 1.5.9277

Addresses the following issues:

  • fixed achievement check/trigger issue
  • fixed Notepad Iteminfo navigation between upper section and subparts
  • some achievement descriptions were actualised
  • fixed a job issue (infinite loop)
  • fixed car slide issue without hubs in parking lot
  • fixed issue where some control arms led to unexpanded suspension

Patch 2

Date: 06-01-2023
Version: 1.5.9279

  • localization update
  • small fixes

Patch 3

Date: 12-01-2023
Version: 1.5.9290

  • fixed Tow + mechanic mission ending bug
  • fixed a bug where a newly created second/third profile could jump to back to first profile after giving up a job
  • fixed a bug where joystick's SetLayout broke the keyboard functionality
  • added very accurate mouse highlight solution for all exhaust midpipes and ignitions for better gaming experience
  • added localization to difficulty level selector/display
  • localization updates and fixes

Patch 4

Date: 23-01-2023
Version: 1.5.9297

  • fixed "Asphalt Autocrat" achievement condition
  • new airfilter model for inline engines with more detail and more precise mouse selection
  • more precise mouse selection for all steering wheels
  • localization updates
  • small fixes

Patch 5

Date: 26-01-2023
Version: 1.5.9305

  • fixed the sensitivity/understeer-oversteer/deadzone sliders in options to work properly with mouse
  • fixed water fillup bug where money was taken for the fill while car has no radiator installed

Patch 6

Date: 02-02-2023
Version: 1.5.9324

  • changed Drag 400 800 and 1600 achievement thresholds to make it a bit easier to get.
  • fixed YellowAngel achievement triggering
  • fixed an issue where after towing a car into garage the bottom-left buttons refused to work correctly
  • fixed and issue where car outline left active after leaving the parking lot