Silence is always a sign of some big work in the background!

This time we had a lot to introduce to you! Almost all of it was requested by our players and since XMas is coming, we decided to give you those as our gift. While we are not finished all we wanted, we believe it is a good time to release what we have so far!

First of all, the game has a new beginning with a cut-scene intro, which starts from a newly added Airport. While your Uncle Charlie drives you back to your Motel, he introduce the game for new players. He gives you hints about what can you do in the game and put you into the motel as start.

Many users complained about our tutorial, since it was a bit too hard for some players and took too much time for those who knows what and how to do. So we made a new in-game tutorial, which is balanced for both groups, much easier, yet introduce everything you really need to know to get started.

The game also comes with new game modes: Easy, Medium and Hard. While in Easy mode you get plenty of money and an already ready to race car, the hard mode gives you not much to start with, so you have to work hard to get your first race car ready to race. Game modes also changes AI and race times, to make it easier to win if that is what you choose for.

Another major changes is the full controller support! This means you can now play through the game from start to finish using your game controller. You won't need switch between game controller and mouse or keyboard during the game. For those, who don't have game controller, we also made it easier to use everything from keyboard with shortcuts. All important shortcuts is shown on the screen to make it even more easier for you.

As always, we did many bug-fixes and this time another huge performance optimisation. Our beta testers sent us very positive results, the game started up on old computers, which was not even able to play it before.

We are also worked - and still working on Achievements. We have added dozens of it to the game, but this is still under testing, so you have to wait a bit to get it released. It is very close, but need more time to test properly, that is why we decided to delay this part and not include it in this release.

Working with a music composer, Roland Roos, we have created new musics into the game. Each were made especially for Revhead.

Finally, we have 2 more new languages Italian and Polish. While Italian is already in this release, the Polish will be released in the next update or patch.

So, here we go:

  • Added cut-scene intro for new start
  • New tutorials, much easier, yet introduce everything you really need to know
  • Full Controller Support - you can play through the game from start to end without a need of mouse or keyboard
  • Selectable Easy/Medium/Hard game modes for new profiles (old profiles start as Medium)
  • Dynamic hints on loading screen to help you solving common problems
  • Added Airport as new location (races will be added soon)
  • Major Performance optimisation
  • Added new musics by Roland Roos (Focus, Dream Dare Deliver, Rock to the Outback, Through The Night)
  • Added Italian language
  • Removed / Disabled Russian language
  • Fixed many visual glitches, including Trees and some cars's body
  • Bugfixes
  • Achievements are under beta testing, will be released as soon testing is done