20 Marc, 2021

We are celebrating our 4th year anniversary!

Another year is just passed, a very hard one with tons of problems all around the world, yet we are still here and we are celebrating again!

Revhead is 4 years old! It's amazing to look back in our timeline and see all those comments, people who helped us, challenges we had made and the community that building around our game.

Four years ago, we have started with an early bird, testing if the idea of Revhead would work at all. We had a 60%+ review rate, which was not the best, but just enough to see a reason to go forward. Today, we are receiving tons of positive feedbacks and climbed up to very positive rank, which shows us that our hard work worth it. We could not make it so far without our gamers and supporters! BIG THANKS for THEM!

Looking at some of the heart warming comments like these, we are pushing Revhead forward and take it into the next level!

"Over 700 hours played so yes I like the game." "probably one the best games i have played" "Very fun, and you can tell the devs love their game. This game has come very far since i first got it and the devs are still going even farther." "Got a 2500 horsepower drag car 10/10" "Awesome level of customization helps fulfill my want for a car centric RPG..." "Awesome game! Im just gonna start with that." and many many more...

Have Fun & Enjoy the game with a 50% anniversary discount, including Turbo DLC!