First of all, let us introduce the new Narnoo UTE, the perfect 4x4 for any work. A reliable 4x4 with lighter body and more place for your stuff, ideal for all terrain.

We are also continuously working on multiple developments in the background. Part of it, we want to make each car's interior complete. At this time, we have Narnoo and the new Narnoo UTE updated with new interiors. We have improved our AI for better overtaking and faster driving with better balance for novice vs pro players and npcs. Multiple players noted, that L6 engines cannot be used in other cars, which makes them less useful. We have change it, so now you can swap L6 engines in multiple cars. While some cars are too small for the long L6, you can fit L6 into most of the cars from now on. As always, we've also tried to locate and fix most of those issues, bugs, which we have found or received in the last few months.

Date: 8-12-2019
Version: 1.3.6099

Check out the change list for more details!

  • A new car variant: Narnoo UTE version
  • Added detailed interior for Narnoo and Narnoo UTE
  • Added ca. 20 new missions with car delivery
  • Added 3 new NPC (Isla, Ethan, Lucas) driving Narnoo UTE
  • Improved, faster AI drivers
  • L6 engine now installable to more cars (some smaller car can not accomodate such a long engine)
  • More exhaust item visible in the newspaper
  • Tire temperature set back to normal in the Garage and Parking Houses
  • Tweaked time trial times on Mount Yanagin
  • First few races can be unlocked by 2nd place by Coffee Run instead of 1st (for easier start with stronger AI)
  • Slick tire get a bit more grip at low temp
  • Soften some differentials for better traction in curves
  • Fixed mission info page for long descriptions
  • Fixed upshift protection (some 4wd cars stuck in 1st gear)
  • Fixed headlight bug when removing the battery
  • A lot of smaller bug fixes, tweaks