It is time to handle those endless list of parts many of you collected during the past few years. We have introducing boxes, which allows you to organise your stuff. Any parts which will be removed from your car goes into a box. Every car has it's own box, but you can also move parts to other boxes including trash or favourite for easier management.

We have also added boxes to the back of your ute and pickups, when you are delivering something from a shop, so now you can see if you have something in the car.

If you like Magura, you will love this update! As we are working on our interiors, this time Magura gets a real classic one. (Only two more cars to go and we have all cars covered!)

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It's Revhead's Third Birthdays, so we have made some special contents with a special price for You!

First of all, we have fixed many issues, which was reported by our players. We also added more then 20 new components, upgraded our supercharger and turbo models and added a new "Gift" features, which allows you to win components if you win some of the races.

One of the most important changes is the new Air Scoop system, which is not only a visual customisation, but also important to feed your turbos with enough air. If you are using stronger turbos, they might not get enough air from the engine bay, so you need to provide some extra with adding air scoops to roof, hoods or headlights. Also, air temperature is important factor. Using intercoolers you can cool down the air to provide more power.

We have decided to release our first DLC with one of the most wanted features: Twin Turbo and Twin Charged engines. On the other hand, we also want to keep the game fun without the DLC, so we have added many parts to the base game as well as gifts. If you don't have the DLC, you can still unlock most of the DLC contents with playing the game and win them on races. If you have the DLC, you can go to a shop to buy those, whenever you want, if you don't have the DLC, you need to win them and pay more attention to keep them in working state!

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We are preparing Revhead 3rd Birthday, so we did something new again!

While we are busy with testing and preparing our new update, we would like to give you some insight!

Update 26 and our very first DLC content will bring tons of new content to the game, so it is time to get crazy about customising your ride! The new release will bring more then 70 new components, including twin turbo setups, intercoolers, air scoops and many more!

During the next several weeks, we are also going to organise game events and give-aways to bring as much fun we can!

Are you a youtuber or twitcher? This is the best time to contact with us!

Stay tuned!

18 Feb, 2020

New year, new update! We have improved our physics, added a new feature for those who love to spend their time to restore wrecks and used cars and we have interior for Panania.


As we continue on adding interior to each cars, next on our list was the famous Panania. It is one of the favourites of many of yours, so we decided to make it.


We have fixed many issues and tweaked our simulation for better control and more realistic behaviours. Previously we had issues with some setup, where RPM could rise or drop way to quickly. It had many other side effects to driving since your wheel was spin or almost stop within less than a moment. Not anymore! All car's and setups work as we designed, no more rpm jumps and strange behaviour during drift, burnouts or just try that big oval with high speed following the top line all the way. All these, which we could not do properly before are working now. We also found a serious bug in the suspension, which caused many side effects, including frame drops and other nasty issues. Fixed!


We have a new feature, restoration! While you could already buy a wreck and fix it, you could not make much profit on it. It was simply better to just salvage and fix parts, then sell them apart. While previously a full restoration from a $2000 wreck would cost you $3000 and the profit after making it perfect would be negative or just around the cost (ie. Walea), now fixing a wreck could cost you a lot, in this example $7000. If you don't have the money you can do what you did before, but if you have the money and you fix the car (body), then you start a restoration on that car. The restoration goes until you either sell the car or check the price. If the car is "restored" the price will be restored to a brand new car, if you do a perfect work, you get some extra too. It is up to you to fully restore a car or not, but you will get much more money if you do, in our example with the Walea wreck, you can make +10K profit, but using a Magura you can make 30K or using a race / expensive car even more. As bad the wreck, more time needed more cost with bigger profit at the end. (if you finish it well) We hope this will help for all of those who reported the lack of profit when you try your best to do a full restoration.

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24 Dec, 2019

Turbo upgrades for L4 and L6 engines

It's XMas, so what would be better time than now to give you one of the most wanted - if not The Most Wanted -, feature of this year: TURBOS!

In case, you are just planning to join to our game community, we have a 50% discount during Steam Winter Sale!

We are introducing the first batch of turbos with this update, designed for linear engines. We have noticed, that our low end L4 and L6 engines are quickly get replaced, since not much racing setup available for it. No twin exhausts, no superchargers, which made them less interesting in racing. We aimed with this update to fix this problem and give a new life for all Linear engines, make them competitive in racing as well.

The current update contains turbos and manifolds with turbo extensions and boost gauges for only those brands and cars, which have linear engines: Walea, Wanja, Camira, Kanji and Panania. You can mix any turbos with any engines, however keep it in mind those are all designed for a specific engine and rpm / cfm range, so they will might work amazing or not that good at all. Just use a manifold with turbo extension to mount any of the turbo.

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First of all, let us introduce the new Narnoo UTE, the perfect 4x4 for any work. A reliable 4x4 with lighter body and more place for your stuff, ideal for all terrain.

We are also continuously working on multiple developments in the background. Part of it, we want to make each car's interior complete. At this time, we have Narnoo and the new Narnoo UTE updated with new interiors. We have improved our AI for better overtaking and faster driving with better balance for novice vs pro players and npcs. Multiple players noted, that L6 engines cannot be used in other cars, which makes them less useful. We have change it, so now you can swap L6 engines in multiple cars. While some cars are too small for the long L6, you can fit L6 into most of the cars from now on. As always, we've also tried to locate and fix most of those issues, bugs, which we have found or received in the last few months.

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